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Why learn from me?

I had the questions - can I leave my day job? Can this be an actual career? How do I get my ideal clients? How can I get into the wedding industry? What the heck is ISO? 

Although I now have years of experience, I always promised myself I wouldn’t forget “where I started”. I never want an aspiring photographer to feel alone when it comes to making their dreams a reality.

I remember it like it was yesterday -
I had the dream, but I had no idea where to start. 


2 hours - ask me anything!

The FaceTime Experience 


see how I direct and prompt my couples in a real life session

The Hands On Experience


full day (4 hours of anything & everything photography related), dinner, + couples session

The Full Experience 


"If you are debating getting into wedding photography I highly recommend 2nd shooting with Ashley!! After I got my first quality camera I wanted to see what shooting a wedding was like, and it was so fun with Ashley! I learned so much after 2nd shooting several weddings that I also set up a mentor session with Ashley, and afterward felt ready to take on my own couples! I have several weddings booked next year and I could not have done it without Ash!"  - Jenny

"after working with ash, I felt ready to take on my own couples!

"10/10 recommend doing a mentorship with Ashley McMahon Photography! She was so awesome and helped me with every question I had plus more! It was a privilege to learn from her!"  - Kaylee

"10/10 recommend doing a mentorship with Ashley!"

"Although I've been doing photography for a number of years, I had never shot a wedding prior to second shooting for Ashley. She was understanding, assured me I could do it and was incredibly helpful as we navigated the wedding day. I've watched videos and done education on shooting weddings, but nothing compares to real-life experience with a seasoned photographer... (cont.) "

"Ashley is such a pro and that made it very easy to learn from her."

"It was so valuable to observe Ashley as she worked, problem-solved, and made decisions throughout the day. For many of us, photography is a one-person show. Being able to shoot alongside her and grow my portfolio with real-life wedding experience was invaluable. There's only so much you can learn online! Ashley is such a pro and that made it very easy to learn from her. 

Ashley was an open book and helped answer my questions about lighting, settings, location scouting, flash, and anything I had questions about during the day. I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to learn from her. She's a wonderful teacher and mentor. Thank you, Ashley!"  - Nikki


A comprehensive guide to share everything your second photographer needs to know when working with you on a wedding day. 



The Second

let's chase that dream - together!

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