Since we are going to be friends, you can call me Ash! & I know it’s hard…my last name is pronounced “Mc-Man”.

I’m a wife, girl mom, and dog mama before anything else. I left my safe corporate world desk job and said “whoops” to my master’s degree all to follow my dream in photography. I have always been the one with the camera - freezing moments in time is like a superpower to me. Although, I definitely could have gone without the awkward middle school photoshoots I forced my friends into. Growing up, we lost everything in a house fire - every memory within a photo I had was gone. This experience enhanced my love and appreciation for photos even more, and it wasn’t until we experienced our own wedding in 2017 that I fell in love with the wedding industry. I am a believer that everyone has a gift in this life, and photography is that for me. I get to wake up and live my dream everyday - how cool is that!?

hey, I'm ashley! 

the girl behind the camera

I don’t take capturing one of the most special days of your life lightly. I value my connection with every couple from the moment you hit my inbox to the days of catching up years down the road. You can catch me crying with you during your vows, laughing at your embarrassing childhood stories your maid of honor shares, and capturing all of the moments you didn’t even realize were happening while you were living in the moment. I can’t wait to become a part of your journey and be your #1 fan!

Love, weddings, and couples are my thing.

August 19th - one for the books! We were married surrounded by our family + friends on the most beautiful sunny summer day. Some of my favorite memories from our wedding day: our first look, our personal vows, our dog walking down the aisle with us, and when everyone made a circle around us during the last song and dance of the night! It goes SO fast - thankful for photos to relive all of our special moments!

2017 | The Wedding

Fast forward five years and he (finally) popped the question! We were visiting Duluth for Labor Day Weekend and decided we would wake up for a Lake Superior sunrise! We literally rolled out of bed at 5AM, drove to the beach with our pup and were greeted with the most incredible sunrise I’ve ever seen! I set up my phone for a quick photo and he got down on one knee! I kind of blacked out, so I don’t remember all the details but I know it was perfect.

2016 | The Proposal

I met my husband on our first day of college at UMD! & not even just the first day - the first class at 8AM! As “Colleen Hoover” and cheesy as it sounds, I knew he was ‘the one’ immediately. We’ve been together since! Let’s just say I am the worst at giving my single friends dating advice. “It will be love at first sight and you’ll tell each other the first week you want to get married one day…it’s that easy!"

2011 | How We Met

my story

What do I know about love, anyways?

You fall in love, you get married, and then you get to have babies, right?! Not exactly how our story went. We found out officially in 2021 that we would never be able to grow our family naturally and were faced with a difficult infertility journey, multiple rounds of IVF, and lots of ups and downs. We never gave up and in 2022 we were blessed with our miracle, Whitley Ann. I wouldn’t change a single thing. “Mom” is forever my favorite title!

2022 | Growing Our Family

Thinking of eloping? Destination wedding? Wanting your engagement photos taken in a place special to you?

let's take an adventure

Port Charlotte, FL | March 2023
san francisco, CA | may 2023
Anchorage, AK | June 2023
nashville, tn | august 2023

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some of my  favorite  things

I have a Brittany Spaniel, Kimber, who is my everythinggg (love you too husband!). I am a huge dog (and animal!) lover. If you love your pup like your kid, please let me know so we can chat more and share pics :)


My Dog

I LOVE the ocean, laying by the pool with a book in hand, soaking up the sun, and of course - give me all the tacos, guac, & tequila!


Mexico. Mexican Food. Margs.

You can find me “Up North” as much as possible in the summertime. I love the pontoon, sandbar, bonfires, fishing, and waking up to the lake view. It is our heaven on earth!


The Cabin

I am always planning our next adventure and have really enjoyed photography and blogging while we explore. Exploring new places has become a huge part of me - there is so much beauty to see!



I know…this isn’t the norm (sorry family and friends!). I much prefer catching up over the phone vs. a text. Fun fact: in high school I had my own phone line and phone number because I would be on the phone for hours.


Talking on the phone

Cue Luke Bryan's song - "Huntin', Fishin', Lovin' Every Day"! I love the outdoors - hiking, pheasant hunting, fishing, being on the lake. Anything to do with the fresh air - you name it!


the outdoors

This is such a huge passion of mine! We recently built our dream home and I have been in heaven decorating and making it “ours”. I have a talent of turning a fancy Pinterest photo into an affordable reality!


Home decorating + renovating

If Taylor Swift isn't playing on my radio, I am listening to The Bobby Bones Show. If you have no clue who I am talking about - go listen ASAP. You can thank me later! #PIMPINJOY


The Bobby Bones Show

Now...I am not great at this (yet!), but living in a frozen tundra requires me to have something outdoors to do during the long winters. It has been fun challenging myself and learning a new sport!



As much as I enjoy being on the go, I equally enjoy the simple nights at home - cuddling up under a cozy blanket, turning on a show, and sharing popcorn with my pup. Don’t forget the sour punch straws!


Netflix + popcorn nights

some of my  favorite  things

sound like you?

You’re my ideal client if:

You are more excited about your marriage than your wedding day.

You go with the flow and don’t take life too seriously.

You aren’t afraid to dip your toes in the water and are up for an adventure.

You believe in love so much that you haven’t given up on the Bachelor franchise yet.